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Elevate your brand presence with our stunning custom LED logo signs. Whether for your storefront or a corporate event, our bespoke neon lights and LED signs are tailored to captivate your audience. Submit your logo or artwork now for a free mockup and personalized quote.

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5 Years of Craftsmanship, Trusted by 2000+ Customers!

"Customized Branding"

  • Brand Visibility Boost: Amplify your brand's visibility and recognition with our eye-catching neon signs, designed to leave a memorable and lasting impression.
  • Enhanced Ambiance: with our striking neon signs, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that attracts and engages customers.
  • Customized Branding: Showcase your unique brand identity with our customizable neon signs, allowing you to create a tailored aesthetic that reflects your business ethos.

Increased Foot Traffic: Draw in more foot traffic and increase customer engagement with our attention-grabbing neon signs, effectively turning passersby into potential customers.

Neon Business Signs

"Stand out from the competition with our modern neon business signs, a striking alternative to traditional signage. Our custom-made neon signs boast brilliant illumination, grabbing attention and enhancing your brand visibility. Choose from our diverse selection, including 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm options, all equipped with 120 LEDs per meter. With our IP67 waterproof technology, your business signs endure all weather
conditions, ensuring vibrant displays and a lasting impact on potential customers."

Neon Logo Signs

Elevate your brand presence with our captivating neon logo signs, a dynamic departure from conventional signage solutions. Our neon signs offer vibrant and eye-catching displays,showcasing your brand logo in its best light. Select from our range of options, including 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm signage, all featuring 120 LEDs per meter. With our IP67 waterproof technology, your logo signs maintain their brilliance, making a powerful statement for your business in any outdoor setting.

Neon Outdoor Signs

Illuminate your outdoor space with our impressive neon outdoor signs, a superior choice over standard outdoor displays. Our neon signs radiate with vibrant colors, enhancing visibility and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Choose from our 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm options,all equipped with 120 LEDs per meter for maximum luminosity. With our IP67 waterproof technology, your outdoor signs maintain their brilliance in various weather conditions, ensuring your message remains prominent and impactful.

The elegant neon sign provided by Neon Luminosity has elevated the entrance to our hotel, imparting a sense of luxury and sophistication. It has become a recognizable symbol for our esteemed establishment.

Luxe Boutique Hotel

Neon Luminosity's neon sign has become the focal point of our bar, creating an alluring and vibrant ambiance. It has contributed to the lively and energetic atmosphere, leaving a memorable impression on our patrons.

ZZZ's Bar

Our barber shop's bold and vibrant neon sign has transformed our storefront, catching the eye of passersby and establishing a stylish and modern ambiance. We are delighted with the work from Neon Luminosity.

Max Cutz Barber

Neon Luminosity's custom neon sign has brought an edgy and contemporary feel to our barbershop. The sign perfectly reflects our brand's personality, attracting new clients and leaving a lasting impression on our customers.

Skilled Barbers

The bespoke neon sign from Neon Luminosity has added captivating touch to our restaurant's exterior. it has helped draw more attention to our establishment, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for our customers.

Chicken Hut Restaurant