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Peace Hand Neon Glow Sign: Kids' Bedroom Brilliance

Sale price£89.95

My kids' faces lit up when they saw this neon masterpiece, and yours will too! A touch of neon elegance, our Peace Hand Glow Sign will transform any playroom or bedroom into a magical haven. Every sign is handcrafted by our talented artisans right here in the UK. Not only does it come with our seal of unmatched quality, but we also promise you free UK shipping and a 1-year warranty. Dive into the world of neon, and gift your child a space as vibrant as their imagination

Powerful Illumination, A1 High Brightness 6x12 Design
A mesmerizing glow with Power 10w/m and SMD2835 100LEDs/m, emitting 26-28 lumens per LED.

Unparalleled Clarity, SGS High Light Transmittance Pure Silicone
Extraordinary clarity with advanced silicone material for a stunning display.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility, IP65 Rated
Suitable for any setting with an IP65 rating, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Effortless Installation, Ready to Shine
Easy mounting without tools, ready to shine upon arrival.

Peace of Mind with Warranty
Enjoy with confidence, backed by a 12-month warranty for your satisfaction.

Eco-Friendly and Safe, Clear Plastic and Low-Energy LED Lights
Sustainable and safe with clear plastic and low-energy LED lights.

Skilled Artisanship, Handcrafted in the UK
Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans for lasting quality.

Transform Your Space with Elegance
Elevate your space with our exceptional Neon LED Signs. Choose brilliance today!

Neon Luminosity neon sign Peace Hand Neon Glow Sign: Kids' Bedroom Brilliance
Peace Hand Neon Glow Sign: Kids' Bedroom Brilliance Sale price£89.95